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CN-104483140-A: Test device for torsional rigidity of body-in-white patent, CN-104493379-A: Special tray for automatic assembly and welding of car battery wire harness isolation plate patent, CN-104494518-A: 低风阻降噪后视镜 patent, CN-104498753-A: 一种陶瓷金属生物复合材料的制备方法 patent, CN-104501189-A: 液态炉渣冷却器 patent, CN-104509318-A: 甘蔗辊压装置 patent, CN-104512710-A: 一种锅具输送装置中的翻转机构 patent, CN-104519093-A: Scheduling method based on two-way link transmission patent, CN-104526180-A: Lead-free solder containing cerium, rubidium and zinc and preparation method thereof patent, CN-104528443-A: Paper money conveying channel applied to bill sorting machine patent, CN-104536474-A: 一种水产养殖增氧的模糊控制方法 patent, CN-104540112-A: 一种基于iBeacon技术的旅游指导系统 patent, CN-104557739-A: Triketone compound as well as preparation method and application thereof patent, CN-104560210-A: Coal water slurry atomizing nozzle and gasification furnace with same patent, CN-104563914-A: 钩式提引器 patent, CN-104575761-A: Fireproof cable for nuclear power station patent, CN-104575919-A: Sintered neodymium-iron-boron magnet and manufacturing method thereof patent, CN-104577826-A: Radiating system for box-type substation and application thereof patent, CN-104591933-A: 一种用于制备无硫微烟环保发射药的改性碳素粉 patent, CN-104594500-A: 一体化梁板柱模板结构体系及施工方法 patent, CN-104594764-A: 淋浴室门装置 patent, CN-104601078-A: 一种电力系统用多功能电机的控制方法 patent, CN-104606781-A: MRI-compatible split implantable medical device patent, CN-104607646-A: 一种亚微米级Re-Ni系稀土储氢合金粉的生产方法 patent, CN-104608802-A: Automatic train approaching alarm system of railway shunting yard patent, CN-104612600-A: 井管护丝帽 patent, CN-104613224-A: 电子温控阀 patent, CN-104616647-A: 一种复合吸声结构 patent, CN-104617035-A: Forming method of semiconductor device patent, CN-104618889-A: Method for acquiring own number through GPS terminal patent, CN-104626867-A: Manufacturing process for firework carbon residue calligraphy and painting patent, CN-104629038-A: 一种含双联苯结构的结晶聚醚砜及其制备方法 patent, CN-104630881-A: Method for ultrasonically improving two-dimensional material mono-crystal chemical vapor transportation growth quality patent, CN-104631041-A: 一种洗衣机混式平衡环及其安装方法 patent, CN-104634268-A: 一种用于不同刚度材料微小切向应变的高精度测量机构 patent, CN-104640742-A: Headlight device for vehicle patent, CN-104653173-A: Drill attitude measuring instrument and drilling direction adjustment method patent, CN-104656902-A: Method and system for visual processing human-machine interactive projection based on Android patent, CN-104661923-A: Backer card for providing container support patent, CN-104662211-A: 单晶的制造装置、用于该制造装置的坩埚以及单晶的制造方法 patent, CN-104662459-A: 具有密封防尘罩的加固的多纤光纤连接器 patent, CN-104665369-A: 滑轨式蚊帐架及蚊帐 patent, CN-104669790-A: Recording Apparatus And Recording Method patent, CN-104681713-A: Anisotropic magnetoresistance and preparing method for improving Z-axis sensitivity of anisotropic magnetoresistance patent, CN-104697908-A: 海水冷却塔飘滴盐沉积监测方法 patent, CN-104699106-A: Control distributing method of eight-rotor aircraft patent, CN-104699460-A: 线程偏差计数器 patent, CN-104706462-A: Ophthalmic retractor patent, CN-104715030-A: 一种单据报表套打方法 patent, CN-104722532-A: Device and method for generating dry ice snow, for the cleaning of surfaces patent, CN-104727317-A: 一种减小锚索预应力损失的组合结构 patent, CN-104728973-A: 一种智能空气净化儿童家具 patent, CN-104729767-A: Device and method for testing distribution of shearing stress on box girder section patent, CN-104731082-A: Interface conversion device and on-board diagnosis system patent, CN-104737671-A: 种子出芽率评定装置 patent, CN-104737680-A: 短程育种专用排种器 patent, CN-104752251-A: 采用cdsem测试图形的方法 patent, CN-104764434-A: Quick solution system and method for shield attitude patent, CN-104764585-A: Large liquefied petroleum and natural gas boat pond test horizontal thrusting function simulation device patent, CN-104772342-A: 具有可变周期模式的冷轧产品边缘降反馈控制系统和方法 patent, CN-104774866-A: 拟南芥丝氨酸羟甲基转移酶基因与甲酸脱氢酶基因的双表达应用 patent, CN-104778273-A: 一种用于购物网站的大数据分析系统 patent, CN-104779222-A: Biometric identification module structure and manufacture method patent, CN-104780072-A: IS-IS protocol multi-case host name setting method patent, CN-104790884-A: Normally-closed strip-shaped slip chuck for small cylinder spring set patent, CN-104791170-A: 一种测试点火线圈的方法及装置 patent, CN-104794902-A: 一种无线地磁车辆检测器的智能主机 patent, CN-104804141-A: 一种增肥保水液态地膜及其制备方法 patent, CN-104808938-A: 双模光学导航装置及其模式切换方法 patent, CN-104809437-A: Real-time video based vehicle detecting and tracking method patent, CN-104814173-A: 一种绿茶加工新方法 patent, CN-104820638-A: 一种嵌入式的整机自动测试方法 patent, CN-104823434-A: 移动终端及其控制方法 patent, CN-104826279-A: Energy-saving dancing machine patent, CN-104836806-A: Remote support system, remote access system, remote assistance system and remote assistance method patent, CN-104838508-A: Light emitting device reflective bank structure patent, CN-104843320-A: 一种绳索自适应长度调节装置 patent, CN-104844291-A: Burnt tobacco leaf stacking warehouse and stacking fermentation method patent, CN-104845378-A: 一种复合绝缘子用耐高压电蚀的硅橡胶组合物及其制备方法 patent, CN-104849455-A: 一种基于梅毒血清学检测蛋白芯片制备与应用 patent, CN-104851559-A: 一种便于拆卸维护的变压器的操作方法 patent, CN-104863305-A: Green assembly type building wallboard and preparation method thereof patent, CN-104866540-A: Personalized recommendation method based on group user behavior analysis patent, CN-104867745-A: 智能双电源自动切换电力开关 patent, CN-104874685-A: 一种用于铝合金板的气压无痕弯曲模具 patent, CN-104878125-A: High throughput testing method of multiple drug-resisting sites of hepatitis B virus patent, CN-104880921-A: 图像形成方法 patent, CN-104881633-A: 一种色盲模式启动方法及智能眼镜 patent, CN-104885794-A: Grafting method of wild tea camellias patent, CN-104890889-A: Control method of aircraft and aircraft patent, CN-104902575-A: 一种多媒体传感网实时调度方法 patent, CN-104905641-A: Sanitary straw patent, CN-104905674-A: Electric pressure cooker and power-on and power-off control circuit thereof patent, CN-104906309-A: Eye dressing for treating bovine keratoconjunctivitis and preparation method and application thereof patent, CN-104907600-A: High-rigidity, large-diameter and automatic-feeding drilling power head patent, CN-104910049-A: AZD9291 intermediate and preparation method thereof patent, CN-104911414-A: Aluminum alloy material for car light heat dissipation base and preparation method of aluminum alloy material patent, CN-104911766-A: Automatic cleaning mechanism of textile machine patent, CN-104912075-A: 液压静桩机 patent, CN-104912828-A: 一种新型脚用风扇 patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent,

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